Formations Cuff


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Our Formation Cuff delivers all the meaning you need with peach aragonite, carnelian, rhyolite and aventurine accent stones. A stand out statement piece with it's luxurious hand-stitching and bead work.  Stack it with any of our collection of cuffs for a more bohemian touch.

Aragonite is an earth element that us associated with truth, emotional and mental stability, while carnelian is a stone of motivation and courage.  Carnelian stone is known for it's motivating qualities, promoting endurance and leadership.  The ancient Egyptians valued the carnelian stone naming it "the setting sun".  Rhyolite will strengthen the balance between your mind, body and spirit.  Aventurine is a healer of the heart and promotes optimism and confidence.  This cuff delivers more meaning than most, plus it's subtle tones won't disappoint!


Natural, tan, pale pink, soft yellow, peach, moss green


70mm x 35mm x 62mm

One size only available at present, fit is small to medium. Subscribe to find out when we will release more sizes


Triple layered leather with internal etched logo 

- All threads are safely secured by hand in the cavity between the layers and the inside component used in this style is made from steel

- All adhesives and leather edging sealants used are non-toxic

- Made from natural materials

- Handcrafted ethically in Australia

- There may be some slight variations in the leather and stones in this style which adds to the beauty and uniqueness of each piece

- A non-toxic tarnish prevention satchel is provided with each of our jewellery pieces. *Please be sure to slide open your satchels, this will ensure they will not tear